Victoria Cochrane

Victoria is an Advanced Theta® Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master who works with the Masters of the Cosmic Council and the Creator to assist people on Earth to raise their vibrations towards ascension. Living on the North West Coast of Tasmania in Australia, Victoria offers Theta and Reiki healings, psychic tarot, chakra activations and mediumship.

Tui Te Kiri

Tui Te Kiri is an Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer. She has had the pleasure of ‘spirits’ company from a young age and comes from a long line of people who have been able to connect with ‘the other side’.

Stones from Heaven and Earth

Quality sterling silver jewellery and select hand picked crystals,spheres,generators and clusters

Open Floor Movement Practice - 'Mindfulness in Motion'

Trust your guides/angels to join us in the reading to offer direction and through clairsentience allow me to offer understanding and peace. By allowing this guidance the answers will be given to show you the path ahead.

Readings with Row

I am a psychic, healer who is a little different from the rest. New to fairs and expos but have clients all over the world. I only pass on what is given to me whether it be for the present or the future. I do so with honesty, integrity and with my heart. My business is my passion and I look forward to sharing my gifts with you.

The Freelife team are available to talk and pray with you for physical, spiritual and emotional healing. You will feel rejuvenated, supported and spiritually stimulated, and will experience a profound life-changing encounter with God. FREE!

Muscular Pain Relief

The  Massage Therapy offered by Stephanie has a very specific way of determining what is going on with the muscular system of the body. This is just a starting point. Each treatment is unique as is each client. The combination of the intuitive ability of the therapist along with the in-depth knowledge of the workings of the body’s systems, all comes together to create a unique experience.

A Myst End

When all seems unclear you can find the light within at A Myst End, uplifting angel messages of love & guidance.
This is my first year at festival, I have 9 years experience working with tarot and I’m certified realm reader.