To start your reading Susanne tunes into her guides to bring in messages and uses her tarot as well to open the door to your psycheThrough her clairaudience ( hearing messages for you ) and clairvoyance ( seeing pictures in her minds eye) she can give you clarity on your path. She can also receive messages from people who have passed on .
Susanne has had 35 years experience . This entails face to face readings , pyschic tarot line readings and also experience in reading at Mind Body and Spirit Festivals.

Elisabeth's Readings

Tarot/Angel card reader and psychic medium enjoys connecting with loved ones and people.

I have a psychic ability and can heal people with loved ones.

Victoria Cochrane

Victoria is an Advanced Theta® Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master who works with the Masters of the Cosmic Council and the Creator to assist people on Earth to raise their vibrations towards ascension. Living on the North West Coast of Tasmania in Australia, Victoria offers Theta and Reiki healings, psychic tarot, chakra activations and mediumship.

Stones from Heaven and Earth

Quality sterling silver jewellery and select hand picked crystals,spheres,generators and clusters

Kate King Jewellery Australia

Kate King Jewellery Australia

Powerful & Provocative Captivating & Unique
Kate King Jewellery
Feel the Vibration
Soothe Your Soul
Stimulate Your Senses
Love Who You Are

Paulette Psychic Medium

Psychic medium , readings , healing. To teach, help and heal all area’s of your life.

Head to Toe Healing

Reflexology-healing through the hands and feet! It’s very relaxing also very therapeutic healing your body and soul! Reflexology stimulates the bodies natural healing forces through compression to trigger points within the hands and feet! It helps with many ailments especially stress and headaches and correcting all our organs to function correctly

Gippsland Massage & Wellbeing Centre

Samantha offers a combination of remedial/relaxation massage with Reiki and Kinesiology (OHB). Optimum Health Balance gives a quick insight into what areas of your life are under stress. Your body is then balanced and your batteries are recharged so you get the most out of life.

Just Magic

We Cast our own metal, and produce ancient symbols into pendants and talismans from fine Pewter and Silver. Our unique Crystals and extraterrestrial stones are complimented by manmade metals oddities such as sacred locks, traditional incense burners and singing bowls. We also sell books, tarot cards, affirmation cards, beautiful silks and other unusual natural objects collected on our travels.

DIRECTION by Feng Shui

Spiritual n science + advance feng shui reading

Based in Western Australia

Insight Coaching and Healing

Connect with your intuition and watch your life change before your eyes. Allow your inner guidance to open doors and offer you opportunities never thought possible before. Trust, allow, believe and achieve your true potential and create a new world of possibilities for yourself and inspire others along the way.

Kulmaren Gardens

Beautiful range of garden ornaments, wind chimes, lead lighting, crystal, jewellery, glass ware, pewter trinket boxes and Ann Stokes creations.

Aaliyah Belly Dance & Drumming & Van Diemen's Land Pirate Crew

Egyptian and Turkish Style Belly Dance with male, female and child performers

Pirate performers/actors with foam larp swords acting out fights and fun with children and audience members

Muscular Pain Relief

The  Massage Therapy offered by Stephanie has a very specific way of determining what is going on with the muscular system of the body. This is just a starting point. Each treatment is unique as is each client. The combination of the intuitive ability of the therapist along with the in-depth knowledge of the workings of the body’s systems, all comes together to create a unique experience.

Conversations with Tarot

Professional and intuitive Tarot readings by Chantal, offering gentle yet firm advice. My unique style provides insight into potential outcomes of situations so that you can move forward in life with confidence. Do you need assistance with a relationship? Are you struggling to make a decision? Let’s talk. Start a Conversation with me today.

Spiritual Lighthouse

Michele and Paul offer a complete psychic experience. Michele’s chakra reading and guidance will help you on your spiritual path. While receiving a relaxing psychic energy healing from Paul, Michele will channel a letter from spirit which you get to take away as guidance in the future. We have helped many people with life guidance and energy healing.


Our vision is to see people experience deep inner peace. We offer dream interpretation, destiny card readings as well as physical, emotional & spiritual healing through the release of energy from the third heaven realm.


Zanna Down
Psychic Life Coach
Assisting you to BE simply the Best
Phone and Skype consultations
0403 337 062

Heaven on Earth

Heaven On Earth is a well-known holistic healing center located in downtown Singapore that offers various holistic products, meditation courses and spiritual themed workshops. The center is run by a family of full-time spiritual practitioners that come from a lineage of healers and physicians dating back four generations.


Isagenix® is an innovative health and wellness company providing personalised solutions for lifelong health and wealth

Miasma Belly Dance and the Drumocracy

Egyptian and Turkish Style Belly Dance with male, female and child performers

Pirate performers/actors with foam larp swords acting out fights and fun with children and audience members

Readings with Row

I am a psychic, healer who is a little different from the rest. New to fairs and expos but have clients all over the world. I only pass on what is given to me whether it be for the present or the future. I do so with honesty, integrity and with my heart. My business is my passion and I look forward to sharing my gifts with you.


Kerry Sees is Australia’s Psychic Medium, Crystal ball and Black Mirror Reader.

Open Floor Movement Practice - 'Mindfulness in Motion'

Trust your guides/angels to join us in the reading to offer direction and through clairsentience allow me to offer understanding and peace. By allowing this guidance the answers will be given to show you the path ahead.

Tui Te Kiri

Tui Te Kiri is an Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer. She has had the pleasure of ‘spirits’ company from a young age and comes from a long line of people who have been able to connect with ‘the other side’.

Launceston Chinese Massage

Tuina, Anmo & Zhiya. 推拿 – 按摩 – 指压 Traditional Chinese therapy for treating various aches & pains, strains or injuries, stiffness and other ailments.

flamin Blue MOON

Vintage Soy Wax candles, uniquely scented with pure plant based oils and hand poured into old glassware, china and crystal. Scented massage oil, Tins, Melts, Tea Lights and Salt Lamps.

Your Life is in Your Hands

Your hands provide an excellent map of major life changing events, charting progress and challenges in all areas of your life. Character and personality is assessed
and taken into account to give you the best possible advice to walk into the future with confidence.

Hillwood Road Meditation Skills Centre

Not just for meditators, this is a place where anyone is welcome to drop in and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, curl up in an armchair and gaze out the window, or talk to Stephanie (a counsellor and therapist). Regular classes and social groups available. It is also a great place for small ceremonies (not weddings).


We have an amazing range of ultrasonic, cold mist technology oil diffusers. We are so confident in the technology and durability of our Diffuser that we are the only company to over a lifetime warranty!! From the perfect Scentsy Oil fragrance – and its intensity – to memorising colour, light and mist settings, you can customise it all. The Scentsy diffuser instantly fills your space with all-natural fragrance.
We also have an extensive range of other fragranced products for all areas of your home, and your life.

The Blue Sapphire Australia

The Blue Sapphire Australia offers the latest in Anne Stokes and Lisa Parkers amazing products stunning hand made and designed by Katherine Bennett sun catchers, many designs of gothic jewellery.

Life Improvement Centre Launceston

The Launceston Life Improvement Centre is a branch of the Church of Scientology Melbourne. It offers self-help books and life improvement courses to help with any area of life. Group activities and individual one-on-one help are also available.

The Red Alchemyst

Hand made and hand painted polymer clay goddess and fantasy pendants. One of a kind creations inspired by the ancient druids, pagans and the fae realm. I use natural wood, polymer clay and crystals to create my Goddess Pendants and other creations.

A Myst End

When all seems unclear you can find the light within at A Myst End, uplifting angel messages of love & guidance.
This is my first year at festival, I have 9 years experience working with tarot and I’m certified realm reader.

The Freelife team are available to talk and pray with you for physical, spiritual and emotional healing. You will feel rejuvenated, supported and spiritually stimulated, and will experience a profound life-changing encounter with God. FREE!

Tasmanian Made

Quality Tasmanian handmade products. Tasmanian Made uses the finest in quality of waxes, vegetable oils, fruit oils, pure essential and fragrance oils to bring you wonderful quality products with or without aromas.

Young Living Essential oils

Young Living are the world leader in cultivation, distillation and production of pure therapeutic grade essential oils with a wide range of essential oils and oil enhanced products.  The Young Living company is committed to transforming millions of lives through their products and their business plan.

Life without Barriers

LWB has been providing services to Tasmania for nine years. In the early years of our Tasmanian service delivery we provided a centre based disability service and a small out of home care program. In 2015 LWB delivered services to over 330 clients in Tasmania. LWB Tasmania now holds contracts with the Tasmanian and Australian Governments for the delivery of services spanning youth mental health, disability, out of home care (foster care and therapeutic residential ), education and disability liaison and mediation, and support of young offenders. Our offices are located Collins St, Hobart (State Office), Claremont, Goodwood, Rocherlea and Burnie allowing us to provide services to many different communities across Tasmania.

Lifecode Wellness

Decode your health and happiness.

We offer a wide range of services like remedial massage treatments, wellness consultations, full body bio-scans and more.