“The 30 Day Plan to a meaningful relationship with your partner AND your money!”

Join Peter Dixon for an incredible journey of insights where you will learn skills and a specific plan to revamp and revitalise your relationships and finances – in just 30 Days.

Peter says “If a relationship isn’t working it’s 100% the mans fault!” Come and find out why he thinks this is true!

Discover the secret to the 4P’s. What do they stand for and how do they ensure success!?

Women will learn how to be better at discerning what to accept and what not to accept in a man. While men will learn how to stop complaining and MAN up! Both will learn how to respect themselves and each other.

You will also learn the details of a proven technique (Think it – Write it – Say it) that Peter has used, that saw him reach financial security by the time he was 50!

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