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Conversations With Tarot offers professional and intuitive Tarot readings by Chantal. In-person Tarot readings within the Launceston area, as well as email and live online readings, can be arranged by visiting my website My unique style provides insight into possible outcomes of your situation and helps you decide whether to stick with a particular course of action or make changes to your advantage. I provide clarity around situations and relationships by uncovering people’s motives and showing you what’s really going on.
My interpretation of your situation via the Tarot can also encourage you to think differently or more openly about a matter so you can view things from a different perspective and move forward confidently in life. In my experience with reading the Tarot, I find that once people literally see their issue laid out on a table in front of them, resolution suddenly becomes possible. The visual stimulation that the Tarot cards provide moves your problem out of your ‘head space’, and my interpretation and guidance kick start your own creative processes for achieving a resolution.
My mission is to provide guidance to all my clients, helping them heal from their emotional and spiritual challenges, encouraging transformation in their physical lives by providing insight and offering alternatives, and empowering them to confidently realise their potential and live the life of their choosing. I respect all ethnic and religious backgrounds, all sexual orientations and do not discriminate against or judge any person or their situation. All my readings come from a loving space and every person is welcome to receive my service. I encourage you to keep in touch with me by liking my Facebook page. Please search for Conversations With Tarot and Like to receive my free Weekly Energy Forecast and special offers.
Thank you for choosing me to provide intuitive guidance in your life at this time. I look forward to meeting you and reading for you soon.

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