I am an intuitive reflexologist who heals your body through hands and feet! By massaging and manipulating these parts we are creating the energy flow to all parts of the body-muscles, organs, glands etc to create a healing process! All parts of the feet and hands relate to a particular part of the body, we can tell by the tenderness of which part of the body needs healing. I use this technique as well as intuition! I often pick up on other things as I am healing you in which I share with you. Reflexology is also very relaxing and very beneficial if you suffer from stress and headaches! In my practice I use relaxing music set in a peaceful area with candles to get the full benefit of the healing! Reflexology will balance the body back to a normal function. Stress is the biggest factor of the body not functioning properly therefore reflexology will assist in correcting the unbalanced body! I will use my intuition also and pass on any messages I receive relating to health or any other matter! You will leave feeling so much lighter and healthier 🙂

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