Maureen is a trained spiritual and clinical Hypnotherapist and holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a Certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques in Past Life Regression Therapy as well as Life between lives as taught by Michael Newton. She is a Virtual Gastric Band Program Hypnotherapist trained by Sheila Granger from the UK. She holds a membership of the International Association of Counsellor & Therapists.
“When you eliminate the negatives from your life You discover the life you want to live” As a Behavioural Hypnotist, Maureen will gives insight into what Hypnosis can do for you. She he has worked with people overcome phobias, fears, depression, anxiety, smoking, weight loss, and many other symptoms that many of us deal with in everyday life. Maureen will explain how you can overcome many of these issues through Hypnosis that may be holding you back.