Living in Light, Love & Truth.
You Can Change Your Life by Living in Light, Love & Truth—Awareness + Reflection + Learning + Application = Wisdom. Living in Light, Love & Truth is to balance the spiritual (inner) and physical (outer) aspects of ourselves as an individual and in the life we live. Exploring topics such as our life purpose, the ego, energy, free will, intuition and gratitude, you are offered the opportunity to reflect, understand and cleanse fear-based energies that inhibit you from holistically experiencing an empowering and positive life.

How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space.
The energy that is outside of us does affect our energy field and therefore our soul vibration. Learn tips to assess your physical environment and its energetic imprint by looking at the location and structure and harmonising it to combat discord and electromagnetic smog. Previous residents, neighbours, and the past have an impact on the present, learn ways to shift discordant energy and to manifest light and positive energy in your home and space. These methods can help you continue on your path of restoring to your original soul template and living the life you came here to experience.