Tuina, Anmo & Zhiya. 推拿 – 按摩 – 指压 Traditional Chinese therapy for treating various aches & pains, strains or injuries, stiffness and other ailments.
Here, we mainly do Tuina (推拿), Anmo (按摩) and Zhiya. These are a type traditional Chinese manipulative therapy that have been around for over three thousand years, at least, since Shang dynasty. Our daily grinds often result in us having stiff-necks, tight and sore shoulders, sometimes even tension headaches. Many people turn to drugs, which only mask the symptoms, but the underlying problems persist. Here, we attempt to deal with the problem(s) instead of masking it/them. These are samples of methods at our disposals:
1. Unblock stagnant qi & circulation by applying techniques on the meridian points and channels
2. Lymphatic drainage; 3. Acu-pressure & manipulation; (a.k.a. Shiatsu)
4. Deep-tissue massage; etc. Of course there are more to these. Hope this information helps you understand better. Otherwise, feel free to ask. Price range from $45 for 30mins to $75 for 1hr.