The Massage Therapy offered by Stephanie has a very specific way of determining what is going on with the muscular system of the body. Chronic conditions can be modified or completely resolved, with as little as one 20 min treatment.

“I have lived with chronic pain for a number of years due to ageing with a physical disability. The first time I had a session with Stephanie was for only 15 minutes – a free trial so that I could ‘try before I buy’. By the end of the session, I felt no pain. When I got home, I walked up my stairs without any pain in my knees – a first for many years! I then went on two demanding bush walks – again without pain!!! Needless to say – I have gone back for full body treatments with Stephanie. As well as easing my pain, Stephanie gives me understanding of how the body is linked and teaches me to use methods at home to alleviate the pain. Stephanie is highly intuitive and uses this gift to tune into my body – she knows exactly where the pain is and how to free it. I would highly recommend Stephanie!!!!!”   ~ Thea

The effectiveness of the treatment results from the combination of the very specific techniques used and the unique gifts of the therapist implementing these.

At the beginning of each treatment, The qualified therapist will assess the individual’s pain and stress areas by using a unique assessment process. The therapist will then be able to tell the client where they experience discomfort, instead of the client having to tell the therapist!! The areas indicated will then be worked on, to relieve the individual’s unique pattern of pain and/or stress, to re-establish structural and functional integrity to the greatest degree possible.

Muscular Pain Relief Therapy offered by Stephanie is: an effective, time-efficient method of reducing stress and muscular pain.