I believe I have been given the special gift of connecting with the energies of Spirit Guides, passed Loved Ones and Animals. It has always been, and is still natural for me to do so. I can see them the same way I see you.

I am very passionate about the work I do with spirit. I believe I was given this gift to heal, inspire and help people realise that not only are they not alone, but these beautiful beings of light are very real. I aim to bring closure, understanding and healing from spirit for those who seek it, and this is my gift to you.


My commitment to my work is evident in the quality and accuracy of readings and consultations I provide. Whether on stage conducting a live audience event, or one on one with a client, I am respectful, gentle, truthful and according to many, at times humorous.

If you would like to meet your Guardian, Spirit Guide, or find the answers to the questions that have been on your mind or to connect with a Loved One, make an appointment to see me and together with Spirit, we will find the light and the peace you are seeking.

I believe I am here to help change people’s lives by providing an understanding of spirit and the soul, as we are all truly Divine beings and that spirit is waiting to connect to you.