Open Floor is a healing movement meditation practice and lively dance inquiry, enabling us to track our thoughts, stories and fixed patterns, and turn them into creative fuel. In Open Floor we create a non judgmental space to explore whatever arises, through movement and dance. Using universal movement resources, such as breath, grounding and centering, our aim is to use movement practice to be fully embodied – physically, emotionally, mindfully. This simply means, being home for the beautiful ride of being alive – present for anything and everything.

No dance experience is required, and no steps to follow. Just bring all of yourself for fun, connected, movement workshop.

Henry is a certified Open Floor Movement Practice teacher and group facilitator who has lived, taught and studied movement, dance and facilitation since 2010. Originating from Tasmania, his studies have taken him across Australia, the U.S. and Europe, before returning to Tas to share his love of movement. Henry is an energetic and down to earth facilitator, who is a strong believer in the magic dance offers to develop ourself and community.

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