Have you wondered why you incarnated into this life? What is your life purpose? How to learn from experiences and apply as lessons in your life? Are you living from your true authentic, wise and divine self? Discover knowledge and techniques to Change Your Life Positively through Awareness + Reflection + Learning + Application = Wisdom. Join Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos for a seminar or workshop about Self-healing with Light, Love & Truth, based on the concepts explored in her book, Living in Light, Love & Truth (awarded a 2015 Living Now Book Award, the Evergreen Bronze Medal for Spiritual Leadership).

Living in Light, Love & Truth is to balance the spiritual (inner) and physical (outer) aspects of ourselves as an individual and in the life we live. Healing occurs when we utilise past experiences as a tool, whereby we review lessons (experiences), gain knowledge, apply it to our lives and live wiser.

In the workshop, we will exploring topics such as our life purpose, the ego, energy, free will, intuition and gratitude, offers the opportunity to reflect, understand and cleanse fear-based energies that inhibit us from holistically experiencing an empowering and positive life. Living in Light, Love & Truth is the first layer of life transformation: taking responsibility for actions, emotions, feelings, thoughts, words and perceptions towards ourselves, others, situations and environments. Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. Applying the knowledge to one’s life is wisdom-and that is the ultimate virtue.

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos is an award winning self-improvement author, an energy, flower essence, and crystal-healing practitioner. She also is an inspirational speaker and teacher, facilitating seminars, workshops, and meditation sessions to support other souls on their spiritual journey. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Feel free to browse her website: www.quartzholistichealth.com.au