Stephen from SilverDrake is a qualified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Massage therapist, Crystal Healer & Energetic Healer.
These services, treatments & workshops are offered from his home in Templestowe Victoria.

He has also completed multiple workshops over the years in a wide variety of subjects including Crystals, Energy Healing, Shamanism, Archetypes, animal totems and many more.
It is this training and knowledge that has lead him to create SilverDrake.
Where he stocks and creates multiple items for sale including high quality pure essential oils, he has also created multiple oil blends and combined them with crystal essences to create powerful aromatherapy spritzers for many specific purposes including balancing and cleansing the chakras.
He also weaves Crystal Infused Dreamcatchers and teaches workshops in which others can create their own.
When doing Energetic Healings he works a lot on the Chakras which has lead him to stock and create many Chakra related products.
Crystals are also a large part of the energetic healings and all crystals SilverDrake has on offer for purchase are all unique and hand picked by stephen.