G Floats

G Floats is a Floatation Therapy centre based in Youngtown – healing with high grade Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) in a relaxing non-intrusive environment. Experience nothing as you float on half a ton of Epsom salts and skin temperature water, resting all of your senses and relieving all forms of stress.

It’s time to see what Floatation Therapy can do for you.

Songs of the Spirit

We believe Jesus is continually speaking over us, so when we listen to Holy Spirit we speak this living Word into being. Our team will sing and play music through the Spirit, bringing healing, truth and peace through prophetic songs and sound.

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos is an award winning self-improvement author of “Living in Light, Love & Truth” and “How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space”. She is an energy, flower essence, and crystal healing practitioner, and as a spiritual teacher, she brings understanding to other souls on their spiritual journey, to realise and accept their self-power to live the life they incarnated to live.

Aarshaveda Ayurvedic Holistic Centre

Dr. Gangashree Nair is an Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian Medicine) practitioner and founder of Aarshaveda Ayurvedic Holistic Centre at Lotus Centre Hobart. She offers consultations specialising in pulse diagnosis and marma therapy to restore energy and lifestyle balance accompanied with diet, traditional Indian herbal preparations and therapies.

Reiki Star Launceston

I am a qualified Reiki Level 2 healer and spiritual medium living in Launceston offering face-to-face and distance healings and readings.