Moovers ‘n’ Shakers

Come and join me for a fun, interactive and educational Music Session aimed at babies to 5year-olds (but all ages welcome)
A mix of action songs, dancing, singing, and of course playing a variety of musical instruments is sure to get you Moovin’ ‘n’ Shakin’!

Emelene Lauren

Emelene Lauren is a Local Tasmanian Singer/Song writer

Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth is a well-known holistic healing center located in downtown Singapore that offers various holistic products, meditation courses and spiritual themed workshops. The center is run by a family of full-time spiritual practitioners that come from a lineage of healers and physicians dating back four generations.

Head to Toe Healing

Reflexology-healing through the hands and feet! It’s very relaxing also very therapeutic healing your body and soul! Reflexology stimulates the bodies natural healing forces through compression to trigger points within the hands and feet! It helps with many ailments especially stress and headaches and correcting all our organs to function correctly