Meditation – Multi-layered Mindfulness

This is a guided mindfulness meditation which begins with physical relaxation, tours briefly through each of the senses and then rests upon mindfulness of inner space. It is deeply relaxing and a relatively easy way to find a place of deep awareness within yourself.

Meditation – Inspirational meditation

This is a favourite – a guided meditation which begins with awareness of your breath and then moves upwards to your third eye, crown and then above the head, often leading to a sense of levity and inspiration.

Aarshaveda Ayurvedic Holistic Centre

Dr. Gangashree Nair is an Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian Medicine) practitioner and founder of Aarshaveda Ayurvedic Holistic Centre at Lotus Centre Hobart. She offers consultations specialising in pulse diagnosis and marma therapy to restore energy and lifestyle balance accompanied with diet, traditional Indian herbal preparations and therapies.

Launceston Chinese Massage

Tuina, Anmo & Zhiya. 推拿 – 按摩 – 指压 Traditional Chinese therapy for treating various aches & pains, strains or injuries, stiffness and other ailments.