Tarot With Trish

Trish from Tarot with Trish has been working as a Psychic Medium for over 15
years both within Australia and Internationally. Her readings are clear,
helpful, insightful, encouraging, empowering and supportive.

A Myst End

When all seems unclear you can find the light within at A Myst End, uplifting angel messages of love & guidance.
This is my first year at festival, I have 9 years experience working with tarot and I’m certified realm reader.


Clairvoyance ,

Catalyst Healing and Guidance

Spiritual Readings are Psychic Readings using Tarot and Oracle cards to deliver messages from your Spirit Guides. These messages assist you in understanding yourself and your path; empowering you to let go of fear, doubt and anxieties holding you back from living an authentic, fulfilling life.