www.unitywellness.com.auAs a former Naturopath, Nyree Yali of Unity Wellness has long been interested in natural, non-GMO, organic food & other products for herself & her family.

The problem is with so many food scandals & greenwashing, combined with loopholes in our labelling laws, it’s not always easy to trust claims about products or to know exactly what you’re buying.

Join Nyree in the Pioneer Lobby seminar room at 3.30pm on Saturday as she talks about a new Virtual Community Marketplace that is based on the principles of ‘making food your medicine‘ & ‘truth on label‘.

You’ll find out why Dr Ross Walker, Layne Beachley, Kirk Pengilly, Stephanie Rice, Dr Sandra Cabot & Pete Evans are amongst those supporting this new Australian company that sources the best products from local producers & gives you power and confidence as a consumer.


You can visit her blog at www.unitywellness.com.au & follow Unity Wellness in the following places: